Magnetic Dry Erase Board

As is evident from the name, a Magnetic Dry Erase Board is specifically designed with certain metallic properties for attracting drawings and notes onto its surface. You can make use of ink markers for producing silk sublimation and screening prints which can be used for making non-erasable graphics. These boards are generally used in conference rooms, schools, training rooms and also in fields.

Magnetic Dry Erase BoardDifferent varieties and Structures of Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

There are basically two varieties of these boards available in the market. There is one variety which is made of polyester and melamine resin coated steel while the other variety is made using porcelain. Boards made of porcelain tend to be more durable and expensive. Their corners are bordered using aluminum frame or hardwood having the capacity of accepting and retaining magnets. These boards are not very bulky and this is the reason why minimum space is required to use them in rooms of almost any shape and size. These boards are available with installation kits and therefore it is not a big problem to install these boards. You can even make use of projectors with such surfaces. This is due to the fact that magnetic dry erase boards are smooth and glossy in nature having a guarantee of more than 50 years. Projectors can be used with these boards for highlighting certain important notes that the instructor might want his or her audience to take note of. These boards can also be used for working out relevant suggestions and information on a specific project.

Fixing the Board on the Floor or the Wall

One thing that you must keep in mind when fixing a Magnetic Dry Erase Board on the wall is that these boards require caster frames. The caster frames ensure rigidity and they also add stability to the boards. If you are trying to fix the board on the floor then you might require a supportive stand. Supportive stands are made of different materials possessing distinct advantages suitable for mounting these boards. The board corners feature brake discs for safety locking and at the same time enough space is rendered for holding flip charts.

Different Uses of Magnetic Dry Erase Board

The magnetic dry erase boards available these days are smooth, shiny and flat planks and they are generally available in the color white. These boards are found almost everywhere within a campus- in lecture halls, class rooms, libraries, laboratories, gymnasiums, along corridors, pool area, football fields and basketball courts. These boards are multi-functional and versatile and it is only because of these properties that the boards are fast becoming popular among students and teachers. These boards are well-fit in place of chalk boards which were commonly found in schools and colleges. Chalk boards have completely been sweeped out of the market because of the availability of marker boards serving different purposes in different learning and educational facilities. There are different ways of using these boards and they have been summed up below:

Teachers are Using Marker Boards during Discussions and Lectures

These days, teachers, on a very wide scale are making use of magnetic dry erase boards or marker boards during discussions and lectures. The reason behind this is the fact that discussions and lectures are regular and monotonous classroom activities and these activities can easily be made fresh and interesting by using marker boards. Teachers are found using colored markers for making the learning procedure comprehensible and fun. They get the flexibility of highlighting certain numbers, places, dates and words.

Young Students are using these Boards for Practice

The magnetic dry erase boards are also being used by students on a very wide scale for practicing math, spelling and drawing. Students find these boards innovative, enjoyable and entertaining. Students can also practice their writing skills on these boards. These boards have a smooth and flat surface which enables students to improve their writing skills in the perfect manner. Students can also learn numbers by making use of these boards.

Used in the form of Projector Screens

These boards are also being used in the form of projector screens because of their white, smooth and flat surfaces. They are one of the best solutions for video presentations and slide shows.